Treading Water — Amanda Miska
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Treading Water

A Little Preview


Erik’s father, Alan, has recently gotten remarried to a beautiful local artist named Inez. She is petite, but boisterous: what a sleazy old man might call a real firecracker. Her skin glistens, flawless at fifty even without makeup. I want to hate her, but she’s also kind, generous and charismatic. I see why my father-in-law loves her, though I cannot understand what she sees in him. He is bitter and self-deprecating, which I attribute to his divorce from Erik’s mom when Erik was just a baby. He has worked outside in construction most of his life, giving his skin the rough texture of old leather, but unlike most men his age, he has maintained some lean muscle and avoided a middle-age paunch. Alan and my husband look a lot alike: the high, shiny forehead, wide-set blue eyes, nearly hairless arms and legs. When I look at him, I feel like I’m seeing a more bitter version of my future.


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April 2014


featured at Longform Fiction