The (Online) Stories We Tell (Essay) — Amanda Miska
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The (Online) Stories We Tell (Essay)

A Little Preview


For six months we slept together at his place and occasionally hung out at mostly empty bars after eleven at night. He had mentioned the names of two girlfriends in passing. I looked them up, and they were both prettier, thinner, and more accomplished than me. I was a lowly grad student working an office job at the time. Even though I was getting an MFA, I wasn’t really writing and I was definitely not publishing. I wondered what he saw in me. I guessed not much, since we were on and off, and he’d found it perfectly acceptable to show up drunk at my house in the middle of the night in the cold. Kneeling down in the doorway, he said he wanted to taste me. He licked me through the jeans I had quickly pulled on when he’d called and said he was on his way.


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February 2015