A Brief History of Myth — Amanda Miska
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A Brief History of Myth

A Little Preview


Like a creeping vine, slowly, almost imperceptibly, start to realize it’s real. Start talking about it with family first. Many months after the funeral, once the words return. Feel regret — sometimes don’t. Tear up in the middle of creating an office memo, on an airplane to the sunny West coast, while you’re eating macaroni and cheese for dinner . . . Start taking yoga, running, moving, breathing, trying to give yourself some grace at the recommendation of your grief counselor. When she notices the burns, she mildly scolds you, reminds you that hurting yourself won’t change anything. So all the matches in the house are gone. The house is gone . . . Try to rebuild your life within the context of a changed world.


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Winter 2013/2014


featured at Longform Fiction