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21 Mar I really need to update more often.

*not my legs Hello small handful of friends/family who happen to pay attention to my website, Life has been incredibly hectic and busy, mostly in a good way, but I almost forget that I have this incredible website to share what's happening. I spent a lot of time...

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02 Feb A Double Dose of Readings

The only way I am managing to update my website right now is by drinking this industrial sized Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. I had a lovely but exhausting weekend reading first at Big Blue Marble Bookstore on Saturday night with dear friends/super inspirations Susan Rukeyser...

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21 Jan Little Patuxent Review reading postponed

The snow has foiled plans again! This Sunday's reading for the launch of Little Patuxent Review's MYTH issue has been rescheduled to the following Sunday, January 31st. Same time, same place. (More details here.) Hoping all of my East Coast friends stay safe and warm and cozy...

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10 Jan Readings on the Horizon

Bad things tend to happen in threes, and for me, good things tend to happen in twos, especially when it comes to readings. I am reading on both January 23rd and January 24th, in Philadelphia and Columbia, MD, and I'd love to see you there. January...

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