Is it Fall yet? — Amanda Miska
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Is it Fall yet?

31 August 2016 Is it Fall yet?

It’s been a slow summer, and I haven’t updated my website again. I’m going to make it a weekly thing from now on…of course, it’s always nice to have something interesting to write about. A soon-to-be-published story or a Pushcart Prize or something.

It’s been a productive summer, even though I’ve felt like a slug a lot and spent way too much time inside. I started running, and I still hate running, but I’m getting better at it. I’ve been chuggin away at the novel (i.e. cutting a lot of bullshit out of it). I’ve written a few short stories, attempted and failed to write a few others.

I went to Denver for a whole week in June, and it was an important trip for me, even though it was nothing like I expected. I learned a lot from Jenny Offill in workshop and Claire Vaye Watkins and Ben Lerner in other sessions, and it was so cool to be surrounded by so many talented people. I also wrote one really good flash when I was there, even though I went there to work on my novel. I’m still waiting for someone else to think it’s really good…

Summer is always slow in terms of submission responses but I have two stories floating in the ether, and Split Lip has been reading and publishing like crazy. We’re also on the precipice of publishing our first (amazing) novel.

I am ready for Fall. More than ready. So many good things ahead (I hope), heat and humidity behind. School back in session, more time to myself. Changing leaves on all the trails we hike and bike around here.

I am going to be teaching a flash memoir workshop in October at my favorite Philly bookstore, and then an online submission bootcamp for a great online writing community. I’ve been trying to read or write every day (preferably both), and it’s a challenge, but I feel it working. My words come more effortlessly when I’m treating them like they matter.

That’s the update, more next week and the week after and the week after, I swear.

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